Identifying The Subsidence Signs

The sudden appearance of cracks in walls is one the first signs of subsidence. Although not all cracks will indicate that there is a problem, especially small cracks, you will generally find that diagonal cracks with larger gap towards the top can be a definitive sign.

Most buildings will stretch or shrink over time, particularly during hot and dry summer months where there is a prolonged period of hot weather. Also, if your property is built on a mixture of soil and clay, this can cause the ground beneath your property to cause movements which in turn can lead to subsidence due to a lack of moisture. Wet and cold periods can have a similar effect by there being too much moisture in the ground surrounding your property.

One of the main causes of subsidence is in fact trees growing close to your property. Larger roots can cause ground movements as they grow. Smaller roots can cause even more damage due to the sucking the out the water within the surrounding ground.

Other signs of subsidence could be to search for the sudden appearance of cracks on plaster and walls within your property, although this is quite normal in newly built properties. Also, look for gaps that may have appeared between the skirting boards and flooring. Also, If you have had an extension built on your property, such as a conservatory, a good place to identify subsidence would be to look to see if any gaps have appeared where the extension joins on to the property.

Identifying signs of subsidence

Where To Find Help With Your Subsidence Claim

If it is identified that your property is suffering from subsidence damage you will be glad to know that most property insurance policies will cover this. The downside of this is that they will only cover the repair of the subsidence damage but not cover the cause of the problem.

It may also be of interest to learn that there are a few companies out there who can save you the inconvenience of managing a subsidence claim on you own. One such company, Property Defects are specialists in managing subsidence insurance claims on your behalf.

They have a team of loss adjusters, chartered surveyors and building repair experts who can fully assess the extent of any subsidence damage and completely manage and negotiate your insurance claim on your behalf.

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