Do You Need Help With a Property Insurance Claim?

Public Loss Adjusters Ireland are a group of property claims specialists. Their job is to help and assist with the management of insurance claims related to fire, flood, storm, subsidence or impact damage. With their head office in Clane and part of the Public Loss Adjusting Group in the UK, they cover the whole of the Republic of Ireland. Working for you – not your insurer, PLA Ireland are there to help manage your insurance claim on your behalf.

You Have The Right to Appoint Your Own Loss Adjusters

If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered from any type of property damage and have to claim on your insurance, PLA Ireland can help. Most people do not know that they are entitled to employ their own loss adjusters, rather than those that your insurance company appoints.

So why would you even consider employing the services of PLA Ireland when your insurance company employs their own loss adjusters? Unless you are a builder, how would you know that the settlement figure offered by your insurance provider is enough to cover the cost of your loss?

More Than Just Covering The Cost of Restoring Your Property!

Public Loss Adjusters IrelandYour loss may not just be the amount of money it costs to repair your property. There will almost certainly be other losses that may need to be accounted for within your insurance claim. One of such may be the cost to replace furniture, appliances and other personal items that may have been damaged or destroyed.

There could be other losses too. For example, let’s just say your property has been damaged by a fire and your home is uninhabitable. Who is going to pay for somewhere for your family to live whilst your home is being repaired? If your insurance policy has cover, you may be able to claim for alternative accommodation.

What if you are a landlord? Dependent on your tenancy agreement that you have in place, you may be obliged to cover the cost of somewhere else for them to live. If you are covered then Public Loss Adjusters Ireland can help finding them alternative accommodation and if required may even help you to receive interim payments whilst the insurance claim is being settled.

Maybe your business has to shut down for 3 months. Would you be able to cope? You may still have to pay your staff wages or buy new stock for when you are ready to reopen. If you are covered for this then their loss adjusters will be able to help with that too.

Loss Adjusters Who Will Negotiate With Your Insurer on Your Behalf

Now as you can you see, there is a lot more to a property claim than just the price of repairs. With this in mind do you think it would be wiser to have a loss adjuster who is working on your side protecting your interests? Loss adjusters who will manage all negotiations with your insurer on your behalf?

Alternatively, would you prefer loss adjusters who are employed by your insurance company to protect their interests instead of yours? Of course, you wouldn’t. Why take the risk when you can have loss adjusters who are working on your side, protecting your interests and putting your needs first.

Once you allow PLA Ireland to manage the claim on your behalf, they will take care of all negotiations with your insurer and agree a fair settlement. These loss adjusters will not stop until you receive your full entitlement. Once you appoint Public Loss Adjusters Ireland you can sit back, relax and let them take complete care of your insurance claim whilst you attend to other matters.

Public Loss Adjusters Ireland are there for you from the initial contact to the finalisation of your insurance claim. Working for YOU, they are on your side.

For more information click here to visit the PLA Ireland Website

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